Wanted: The desert burglars with their giant sand drill.

The sketches.

Wanted: The traffic offender.

The sketch

Wanted: The cyborg-samurai (secretly just a cosplayer).

Wanted: The puppy thieves.

Wanted: Cranky glass dome cleaner from Yoyolantis.

Wanted: Rich snot who kidnaps people and forces them to come to his bachelor party.

Wanted: The mustard criminal. He breaks into bakeries and fills the croissants with mustard.

Wanted: The environment polluter with his exhaust fume gun.

Wanted: Bodybuilder who beats up people at Comic Con.

Boss: Mad mommy T-Rex

Wanted: Tech-Frankenstein and his robot.

Character Designs

Since 2018 I am responsible for the designs of the enemy characters for Hero Zero. Some of the characters can be seen below.

Character Designer
Hero Zero, Playata GmbH