Sketches for ingame props for Hero Zero!

Boss of the primal season

Player sidekick animation

Character design explorations for an alien pet

Final pet design

Some design explorations for a space bunny and a space dog.

Character design explorations for another alien pet

The final pet design

Sketches and final pet design

Pet animation

Animations done in Esoteric spine

Hand-painted tiling texture

Tiling texture at 120%

An environment prop for the player's secret hideout. As a reward for defeating a boss.

An ingame illustration for the month of the zombies

Some of the zombies are addicted to their phones

2022: Characters and Props

As the Lead Artist for Hero Zero, I have been developing new storylines and ideas for our regular updates.

As a generalist, I am responsible for many aspects of production. I usually start with brainstorming new story ideas and supervise the art creation all the way to the final ingame graphics. It is extremely important to me that all aspects of the game, be it UI, animations, characters, background paintings or textures fit together seamlessly to create a harmonious and convincing virtual reality.

Lead Artist
Hero Zero, Playata GmbH