The character select screen.

UI design for the fighting screen.

Luke the Rebel. His wish from the Creator: To topple the government of his dystopian planet.

Jake the Kid. His greatest wish from the Creator: To make his parents let him play GameBoy and watch Anime all day long.

Mia the Grappler: Her greatest wish from the Creator: To fight him.

Gunthar the Undead King. His greatest wish from the Creator: To return from the realm of the dead and take revenge on his enemies.

2019: Starcrush Game Prototype

In the end of 2019, a group of friends of mine and I developed a fighting game called Starcrush. The final result was a playable prototype featuring the character select screen as well as one level. I was responsible for the character and UI design.

The story

The Maker of the universe is holding an intergalactic competition and only the raddest and most awesome fighters from all places and times throughout the universe are invited. The 2D fighting game Starcrush is about the prize of all prizes: a free wish from The Creator himself. Can you rise up to the challenge and win the prize? Choose one of 14 characters and show your opponents who‘s boss!

Character Designer, UI Designer
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