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Painted some of my friends on the iPad while hanging out at the Drink&Draw Stuttgart :)

Paintings from my broken-screen smartphone. The first one is a self-portrait painted through a window at a kebab shop while waiting for my order in Hanover city centre. The second one is a portrait of a passenger on public transport.

Someof my recently digitizes sketches. They are from various places in Germany. Many of them from times when I hung out with some art friends.

Drawing from the forest.

Urban Sketching at Aegidientorplatz in Hannover. The giant building in the middle is the headquarters of German Bank Nord/LB.

Urban Sketching in Esslingen near Stuttgart!

The whole sketchbook page from the recent posts. Drawn in museums in Stuttgart and Hannover, Germany.

Drawing at the Lower Saxon State Museum in Hanover, Germany

Subway sketching in Stuttgart and Nuremberg

Drawing a friend of mine during Saturday morning coffee

Drawing at the Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart (Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart)

More bar sketching from Drink & Draw in Stuttgart.

Sketches from Drink and Draw Stuttgart. BIC ballpoint pen plus blending stump on Moleskine paper. What an underrated technique!

Animal sketches from our pets.

Tiny sketchbook sketches from the subway, bars and cafés!

Three recent sketches from the Natural History Museums in Stuttgart and Münster.