Three recent sketches from the Natural History Museums in Stuttgart and Münster.

Experimental portrait paintings. The references were mostly taken from the cane-yo public reference chat on Telegram.

Recent studies of some of the all time great painters and sculptors. Denis Sarazhin, Albert Moulton Foweraker, Frederic Remington, Ilya Repin, Kazuo Oga and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux.

Portrait drawings from last weekend :)

Some more morning studies from last week.

Some morning studies!

Quick 1 hour morning study to warm up before work.

Concept art for High Tech Low Life (HTLL), an ongoing personal project of mine. Final images can be viewed here:

Hero Zero development sketches and finals. View the full project here:

Some Hero Zero development sketches and finals. Full project can be viewed here:

Development for Hero Zero. The full project can be viewed here:

Character Design explorations

Figure drawing practice

Experimental figure drawings done in Clip Studio Paint.

First two: mapcrunch virtual plein air studies.
Last one: photo study

Gesture drawing warm-ups

Figure drawings and studies.

On the 20th and 21st of May, 2018, I had an exhibition in my hometown of Osterwald. A picture of me doing live portraitures was published in the local newspaper. Great experience!