Animal sketches from our pets.

Tiny sketchbook sketches from the subway, bars and cafés!

Three recent sketches from the Natural History Museums in Stuttgart and Münster.

Experimental portrait paintings. The references were mostly taken from the cane-yo public reference chat on Telegram.

Recent studies of some of the all time great painters and sculptors. Denis Sarazhin, Albert Moulton Foweraker, Frederic Remington, Ilya Repin, Kazuo Oga and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux.

Portrait drawings from last weekend :)

Some more morning studies from last week.

Some morning studies!

Quick 1 hour morning study to warm up before work.

Concept art for High Tech Low Life (HTLL), an ongoing personal project of mine. Final images can be viewed here:

Hero Zero development sketches and finals. View the full project here:

Some Hero Zero development sketches and finals. Full project can be viewed here:

Development for Hero Zero. The full project can be viewed here:

Character Design explorations

Figure drawing practice

Experimental figure drawings done in Clip Studio Paint.

First two: mapcrunch virtual plein air studies.
Last one: photo study

Gesture drawing warm-ups

Figure drawings and studies.

On the 20th and 21st of May, 2018, I had an exhibition in my hometown of Osterwald. A picture of me doing live portraitures was published in the local newspaper. Great experience!