Upshot of the main building.

A mood painting showing the foggy atmosphere of the district.

First exploratory sketches of the district.

View of the favelas surrounding the apartment block.

Marcos, the main character.

Close-up of the main character, Marcos.

When tackling a big project like this, working conceptually is a big advantage. I have adapted the mind mapping workflow from concept artist Mike Hill to plan out the core design elements of the entire district before I started sketching. The mind map is in German.

2020: High Tech Low Life

Work-in progress sketches can be viewed here.

In this ongoing project I am developing a futuristic version of the district of Brás, which is located in the northwestern part of São Paulo.

The story

In the year 2050, Brazil is being ruled by a conglomerate of mega corporations, who have extended their reaches far into politics. Of the once thriving democracy only a sham remains. Marcos, our protagonist, is part of a militant terror cell called Duende, which is headed by disloyal government officials, forming a fifth column within the government. They seek to accelerate the destabilization of the politico-economic system and provoke a civil war through targeted attacks on politicians and representatives from the private sector.

Bachelor Thesis